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(S)tandard (A)merican (D)iet vs. Alkaline Diet/Lifestyle

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a type of diet that many Americans have adopted over time, that involves eating lots of meats, dairy, sugary drinks, highly processed, starchy, and fatty foods. The foods and drinks that are consumed in the Standard American Diet can be categorized as ACIDIC. Acidic foods are considered mucus-forming; causing a mucus build-up in your body when consumed. Mucus accumulation can put your body in a compromised and non-electrical state, and lead you to feeling bloated, tired, sluggish, and crappy

Mucus build-up in the body

When you overeat the foods that are putting your body in a declining state, you can experience unwanted weight gain, poor energy levels, flu-like symptoms, body aches, obesity, constipation, and chronic diseases. To help remove the excess mucus in your body and experience an ELECTRICAL and WELL-PERFORMED body, you must consume foods that are complementary to your body, such as the Alkaline plant-based foods, take herbs like Sea Moss and Bladderwrack to cleanse your body on an intracellular level, and drink a gallon of water daily. To know exactly which foods are considered Alkaline, click here.

Benefits of an Alkaline Lifestyle

* VERY small chance of "catching" diseases

* Consistent (& FAST) weight loss

* Increase in bowel movements

* NO MORE constipation

* NO MORE congestion

* NO MORE bloating

* More ENERGY!!!!!


Sierra Carter, Founder

"Following an Alkaline diet has literally changed my life!! I dropped 30 pounds in the first month of my transition!! I am now 70 pounds down and LOVING it! You can find me on Instagram @electrifyyolife." 

David Broadus

"On the left is when I ate meat and other Acidic foods. On the right is when I practiced fasting, stopped eating meat, eggs, and followed an Alkaline diet. Best choice I've ever made! You can find me on Instagram @naturalbroadus."

Mike Tones

"127 pound weight loss by consuming Alkaline plant-based foods. You can find me on Instagram @m.tones."

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