About Sierra

Sierra Carter is a Social Media Influencer and Alkaline Transition Coach best known for being the founder of Electrify Yo Life LLC. While attending college and quickly gaining 75 pounds, Sierra lost the weight and kept it off due to following an Alkaline diet, which is a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and ancient grains. As Sierra gradually made her transition into an Alkaline lifestyle, she documented her entire journey and shared it on social media. This resulted in Sierra becoming a social media sensation and gaining most of her popularity from her 69,000+ followers on Instagram.

Throughout Sierra’s weight loss journey, she regularly posed questions to her Instagram followers to see how their personal experiences were with the Alkaline diet/lifestyle. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the two major barriers that most of her followers faced when trying to transition into an Alkaline lifestyle were the inaccessibility to specific Alkaline items/foods (i.e. soursop and seeded grapes) and “not knowing how to start/where to begin”. From that point on, Sierra has made it her mission to provide alternatives to individuals that were interested in the Alkaline diet/lifestyle, but had limited resources and little knowledge on how to begin their transition.

With Sierra’s expertise, she has provided hundreds of people with solutions on how they can make their transition into an Alkaline lifestyle. She has worked with college students, mothers, middle-aged women, and men as well. Sierra has experienced the many benefits of adopting an Alkaline lifestyle, such as consistent weight loss, increased energy levels, and clearer skin; and she is dedicated to helping others experience the same.