Also known as our Detox capsules! Sea Moss and Bladderwrack help rid your body of excess mucus, parasites, and toxins.


  • Some additional benefits are that they...
  • Remove heavy metals from the body
  • Increase bowel movements
  • Reduce inflammation 
        • Improve mental health
        • Help with eye health
        • Fight iron deficiency
        • Improve mental health
        • Just $40!

Clears skin & helps suppress appetite

Dissolves excess mucus and phlegm

  1. Removes heavy metals and toxins
  3. Increases bowel movements
  5. Improves digestive system
  7. Increases energy levels
  9. Reduces inflammation

After taking these capsules, I felt my energy increase just in the first couple of days! I was able to fall asleep easier and was waking up earlier, fully ready for the days. Combine taking the capsules with a proper diet and you will definitely feel a change in your health!


This product is 100% legit and worth all 5 stars. Within 3 days of taking the Sea Moss & Bladderwrack capsules, I saw results immediately. I am very serious about my holistic health, and these capsules right here are the big deal!



I bought mines in September and I am amazed at how my body felt (and still kind of feels)! It was like I was bouncing off walls. And it doesn't hurt to mention that I lost 7 pounds too! 5 stars out of 5 stars, totally recommend!



    1. What are the capsules made out of?

    Our capsules are Vegetarian, Kosher, and Halal certified. They contain no corn, gluten, starches, or any animal products.

    2. How many capsules come in the pack?

    A total of 60 capsules are in each pack. If you take 2 capsules per day, you will have enough for a 1-month supply (30 days).

    3. How do you take the capsules?

    You take 2 capsules per day, for a total of 30 days. You take the 1st capsule in the morning when you wake up; and the 2nd capsule 1 hour after your final meal of the day (in the evening).

    4. Can these capsules be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    We do not recommend taking our Sea Moss and Bladderwrack capsules while pregnant or breastfeeding.  

    5. How long will it take to receive?

    All products are shipped 1-2 business days after the date of purchase. Our business days are Monday through Friday.

    6. Do you ship to Canada?

    We currently only ship within the United States.



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